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Double-Belt Waist Trimmer

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It's time to tone up your abdomen for summer! Double-Belt Waist Trimmer is designed helps to heat up your core abdominal area by promoting sweating rate and intensify your workout.

The breathable and sweat-wicking compression fabric banishes cellulite while optimizing heat retention to burn fat & extra inches. Made of high-quality neoprene, the stretchy waist trimmer conforms to your unique shape for a perfect fit.


Designed with compression, it helps you correct posture, flatten abdomen, firm tummy, and love handles leading to a model-like figure and visually trim waist & weight.


With Bio-Thermal Lining, it accelerates sweat rate and retain body heat for faster fat decomposition, improving the blood circulation of your body and optimising workout performance.


Fast drying time and moisture-wicking that prevents bacteria growth and bad odor.


Elastic wraps trap heat and provide ultra-flattering fit with great comfort. Control your tummy with zipper and wrap locks.


  • New neoprene waist clincher is normal with“rubber smell” when you receive, it is no harm and will gone easily after hand washing with soft soap in cool water and hang drying. Hand wash and hang dry is recommended after each use. People who has a sensitive skin is not recommended to wear this sauna hot pants.
  • Weight loss sauna waist trainer :Strong compression, let you sweat more, help you to discharge toxins, accelerate the burning process of fat calories, maintain muscle warmth and support, and reduce physical fatigue.
  • Tummy control shape wear :Scientific design and compression of fitness waist trainer helps straighten and support your back, correct your posture, flatten your abdomen.
  • Waist trainer :This Weight Loss Belt helps to boost thermo activity and gently lifts under bust, and delivers tummy control immediately after putting it on. It helps you to get a quicker post pregnancy recovery. Perfect for everyday wear, and it could gives you the hourglass curves instantly and can be used during work, daily outfit, workout, fitness or sauna.


There may be some unexpected experiences after using this sauna belt!

1. This sauna belt helps in the fight against overweight. Before going to the gym in this belt, the volume results before and immediately after visiting the gym are measured. The result will hit you with the volumes after use of the sauna belts have decreased by 1-2 cm!! Simply amazing!!!

2.   Having a back-ache? Try to wear this belt whenever you have a back-ache. You can wear it at home a few hours a day. You can feel that the back pain has eased off as soon as the next day.

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